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UKCCSC News 14 December 2010

Hi Folks,


  • Registration is open for our 5-6 April 2011 meeting at the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus. Details can be found online here.
  • Jobs - A few new storage post-docs in warm locations have been posted here. Let us know if you have a job advert you’d like added.
  • UKCCSC Website – We’ve been updating our website, so please take a look and let us know what you think of the new information.

National and International CCS News:

An early Christmas present:

“Cancun deal opens door to CCS offset projects” Environmental Expert (13 Dec)

“The energy industry today welcomed news the Cancun Accords will allow carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects to be included in the UN's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) offsetting scheme”

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2) Any ‘scientific’ paper that damns CCS is pretty-much guaranteed world-wide publicity:

“Carbon capture and storage could contaminate drinking water” Ecologist (12 Nov)

“…the leaks from carbon dioxide buried underground could bubble into drinking water aquifers near the surface and drive up contaminants in the water by ten times or more and above environmental limits.”

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The paper is in ‘Environmental Science and Technology’ by Little and Jackson, Duke University, USA

A robust rebuttal on scientific grounds has been submitted to the journal by Stuart Haszeldine and Stuart Gilfillan of Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage, Edinburgh:

“It’s clearly stated what the authors did. They chose aquifers which were already high in the undesirable trace metals and elements. It’s highly likely, then, that these aquifers contain minerals which are already unusually reactive to meteoric rainwater, and so likely to be extremely reactive to the imposition of large amounts of acid water.”

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Scientific American did a better reporting job than most:

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3) Things are grim up-North (of England in this case):

“Carbon capture coal firm Powerfuel calls in administrators” Guardian (10 Dec)

“Administrators have been called in to sell the assets of Powerfuel, which owns Hatfield colliery near Doncaster and planned to build a clean-coal demonstration plant in Britain.”

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4) A report by the World Resources Institute, released Nov 17th.

“Guidelines for Community Engagement in Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport, and Storage Projects”

“…we focus instead on providing recommendations for creating a culture of effective, two-way community engagement around CCS projects.”

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5) “Report says CCS adoption will be slow” Carbon Capture Journal (Nov 11)

“The report by the Boston Consulting Group, called "What’s Next for Alternative Energy?", examines the state of seven of the most significant alternative-energy technologies”

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The report is here

6) “US EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] declines to prescribe carbon-capture technology in GHG guidance” Platts (10 Nov)

“There may be those who thought we would go outside the box.”

One could but hope…

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6A?) “EPA Finalizes Rules to Foster Safe Carbon Storage Technology” EPA (22 Nov)

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Texas appears to have already adopted the new rules, I’m not sure why it’s the Railroad Committee who do this though…

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7) This is effectively a FAQ for the NER300, useful if (like me) you’ve heard the acronym but aren’t sure of the details.

“Questions and Answers on the NER300 programme and the first call for proposals” IEWY News (no date)

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8) “Third Carbon Sequestration Atlas Estimates Up to 5,700 Years of CO2 Storage Potential” USA DOE (1 Dec)

“There could be as much as 5,700 years of carbon dioxide storage potential available in geologic formations in the United States and portions of Canada, according to the latest edition of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Carbon Sequestration Atlas (Atlas III).”

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9) I guess there will be plenty of articles with similar headings in years to come, I rejected another story for this issue:

“Breakthrough in capturing carbon from coal power stations” ABC Rural (30 Nov)

CO2CRC have “…developed a benign solvent made of environmentally friendly potassium carbonate.”

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10) “The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute, set up by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, has given $5 million to a project in Canada.” ABC Online (29 Nov)

“In keeping with the remit of the CCS Institute, the money will go towards the dissemination of research and results…”

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